Monday, September 21, 2009

Art Critic John Perreault weighs in on FLUXFEST !!!

Item: Fluxfest Waves the Fluxist Flag

Fluxfest at Pierogi's The Boiler (on Sept. 11, with not a mention of 9/11)

had the genuine Fluxus offhandedness and the historically correct disregard for ceremony or performance-niceties such as a printed program. The latter would have allowed the patient audience -- outnumbered by the performers, as is also traditionally Fluxian -- to ascertain authorship, date of creation, and performer.

Thus, 13 or so friendly Fluxians from here and abroad, most of whom had not met before, presented an hour-and-a-half of Fluxus pieces, old and new. For the record, they were listed in WAGMAG, the Brooklyn Art Guide (which I had picked up at 111 High Street) in anti-alphabetical order: Allan Revich, Reid Wood, Mark Block, Christine Tarantino, Carol Starr, Reed Altemus, Tamara Wyndham, Don E. Boyd, Melissa McCarthy, Keith A. Buchholz, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Bradstifter, Mary Campbell, Pronoblem and more!!

Balloons were inflated, water poured from one plastic cup into another in a circle of plastic cups, jellybeans dispersed, toy instruments given out -- as were miniature versions of U.S. tender. Various classic Dada texts were read, including a poem by Louis Aragon called Suicide, which consisted of reciting the alphabet. (It is one of my all-time favorites.) But in another rather anti-Fluxian demonstration, a woman asked if anyone could love her as much as she loved herself. Obviously not. So shopping bag in hand, she stormed out, never to return.

The best was saved for last. The interlocutor, one of five participants wearing black hats, tacked a piece of paper on the wall behind him, then left. Other Fluxians got up, read what was on the piece of paper, and also left. Then members of the audience, myself included, did likewise. I copied what was on the piece of paper: "Word Event/Exit/ George Brecht, 1961."

Critic John Perreault on 9/20/09

Friday, August 28, 2009

Contemporary Collage / Emily Amy Gallery, Atlanta

Contemporary Collage: Paper's Many Forms..September 11 - October 12, 2009
Reception for the artists: Friday September 11th, 2009 7-10 pm

Emily Amy Gallery presents new collage from gallery artists' Paul Rousso and Cecil Touchon, as well as a curated selection of works from the International Museum of Collage. Robert Motherwell stated, "Collage is the twentieth century's greatest innovation," and the collages created by these artists legitimize his statement.

I'll be showing 5 new Box Works at this show ! Curated by Cecil Touchon.

A Book About Death

A Book About Death Opening Sept 10 at The Emily Harvey Foundation
Please take a look: 313 entries thus far. Note the posters (8 of them), free to download and print.

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In conjunction with this year’s Contemporary Art Museum St.Louis Open Studio tour, FLUXUS / ST.LOUIS will present :


A selection of Artists Books, Objects, Mailart, Text and Visual Poetry, with works by over 350 artists.

From the archives of FLUXUS / ST. LOUIS, an arts outpost founded in 2006 by Keith A. Buchholz.

Please Join us on Saturday, July 25th from 10 am until 4 pm .

FLUXUS / ST. LOUIS, 4615 Oregon Ave., St. Louis, Mo.,

Artists include: Blaster Al Ackerman, Reed Altemus, Viktorova Anastasia, Mikeal And, Simon Anderson, Anticham, William Aponto, Claudia Kipps Aulita, Vittorio Baccelli, Carlyle Baker, Paola Baldassini, Anna Banana, Bansky, Tiziana Baracchi, Vittore Baroni, Keith Bates, Horst Baur, Angela Behrendt, Lancilotto Bellini, C. Mehrl Bennett, John M. Bennett, Truman Bentley Jr., Jason Berlin, Diane Bertrand, David Berube, Scott Blake, Buz Blurr, Boek861, Bolderaja Group, Adriano Bonari, Boog, Carlos Botana, Jason Bowles, Tricia Bowles, Alan Bowman, Don Boyd, Maxi Boyd, Brad Brace, Anne Braunschweig, Bread and Puppet, George Brecht, Cherie Bright, Patti Bristow, Narie-Pierre Brot, Keith A. Buchholz, Laurence Bucourt, Ed Buddz B, Alan Bukoff, Sean Burn, Dirty Jimi Camero, Richard Canard, Mike Cannell, Antonio Carano, Cascadia Artpost, Bruno Cassaglia, Torma Cauli, Achille Cavellini, Mauro Cesari, Christine Chapponiere, Denis Charmot, Bruno Chiarlone, David Baptiste Chirot, Ernie ori Choon-Guan, Ryosuke Cohen, Edwin Collazo, Sarah Condon, Eric Coraboeuf, Corentine, Aliette Couette, Kelly Courtney, Crackerjack Kid, Creative Thing, Carla Cryptic, Pal Csaba, Daniel de Culla, David Dalchinsky, Coralette Damme, Victor DaSilva Jr., Jacque Lynn Davis, Chris Day, Dear Diary, Marc Deb, Michel Della Vedova, David Dellafiora, Joan Desmond, Antonio De Sousa, Antonio DeMarchi-Gherini, Tim Devin, Mike Dickau, The Diggers, Darlene Dormel, Peter Dowker, Dragonfly Dream, Sved Uwe Dressler, Wilma Dugay, Nicole Eippers, Karen Eliot, John Emolo, Walt Evans, ExPostFacto, Fast Eyes Fluxus, Ficus Strangulensis, Luc Fierens, Lino Foffano, Maurizio Follin, Roberto Formigione, Rachel Freeman, Franz Frisch, Thorsten Fuhrmann, Bill “Picasso” Gaglione, Greg Gambone, Chuck Gattuso, Ed Giecek, Eugenio Giustizieri, Michael Goetz, Estelle Toby Goldstein, Claudio Grandinetti, Mark Greenfield, Vladimir Gritsay, Valerie Gros, Elke Grundmann, Haddock, Brandon Hainey, Frances Haney, Roland Halbritter, Donna Ham, Haphazard, Jim Hayes, Faith Heisler, John Held Jr., Stephanie Hendrickx, Christopher Hoddinott, Haje Holmstrom, In-Young Hong, Honoria Starbuck, Nula Horo, Neil Horsky, Jason Hozinsky, Denise Hunley, Geof Huth, Vladimir Jakushonok, Eberhard Janke, Ruud Janssen, Andrea Jay, Miguel Jiminez, Dewi Johan, Jon Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Ray Johnson, Konstantin Kalendaroff, Patricia Kambitsch, Rodica & Dobrica Kamperlic, Istvan Kantor, Adamandia Kapsalis, Kasten Mailart Action, Vadim Katorgin, Kiyotei Xi, Ann Klefstad, Matthew Lee Knowles, Kunst Keller, Susanna Lakner, Michael Leigh, Pascal Lenoir, Alfonso Lentini, Brent Leopold, Pierpaolo Limongelli, Lex Loeb, C.Z. Lovecraft, Lucky 13, Serse Luigetti, Billie Macuinas, Madawg, Gastao de Magalhaes, Magenta Raven, Ruggero Maggi, Mailarta, Malok, Russell Manning, Dorian Ribas-Marinho, Matt, McMurtagh, Massimo Medola, Medwolf, Carol Melichar, Moreno Menarin, Miche Art-Universalis, Martyna Mikita-Bobowska, Larry Miller, Thais Miller, Henning Mittendorf, Opal Moiety, William Monachesi, Samuel Montalvetti, Servane Morel, Kazunori Murakami, Sheila E. Murphy, Musicmaster, Keiichi Nakamura, The Neoists, Neosho, Angela & Peter Netmail, Jamie Newton, Katerina Nikoltsou, Node Pajomo, Jose Noguiera, Nolan, Obvious Front, Okadaskat, Yoko Ono, Clemente Padin, Silvano Pertone, William Philyaw, Phlox 13, Barry Edgar Pilcher, Philippe Pissier, Jean Pitzer, Nadia Poltosi, Bill Porter, Ross Priddle, Sarah Puorro, Rain Rein, Scott Ray Randall, Raz, Bernd Reichert, Terry Reid, Steven Renald, Jorge Restrepo, Tulio Restrepo, Allan Revich, Mudhead Reynolds, John Rininger, Jason Rodgers, Massimo Rognini, Claudio Romeo, Irene Ronchetti, Josh Ronsen, Matthew Rose, Schoko Casana Rosso, Rudi Rubberoid, Marco Ruiz, Joshua Rutherford, Marina Salmaso, Mete Sarabi, Evie Satajadi, Ed Schenk, Schmuel, Wilhelm Schramm, Gunter Schwind, Jose Roberto Sechi, Anne Seltzer, Jarmo Sermila, Dominico Severino, Gary Shilling, Valery Shimanofsky, Wolfgang Skodd, Judith Skolnick, Owen Smith, Snappy, Silvia Soarez, Soluna, Something Blue, Mark Sonnenfeld, Bruno Sourdin, Andrea Sozzi, Litsa Spathi, D.C. Spaulding, Carol Starr, Giovanni & Renata Strada, Marcus Steffen, Steinman, Roger Stevens, Stickerdude, Saartje Stiers, David Stone, Andrew Stys, Rod Summers, Eric Sundermann, Jaromir Svozlik, Orfee Swerts, Matt Taggart, Christine Tarantino, Test Tower, David W. Thomas, Thompson, Paul Tillia, Theirry Tillier, Toca do Lobo ( Celestino Neto), Cecil Touchon, Emily Townsend, Lothar Trott, Robert Tucker, Lubomyr Tymiziv, Mamoru Uemura, Joseph A. Uphoff, Sigismund Urban, Calendrina Valentina, Anke Van den Berg, Henk J. Van Ooyen, Kat Van Trollebol, Ed Varney, Kimberly Varykino, Ben Vautier, Bart Verburg, Guido Vermeulen, Vistext, Wackystuff, Susan Walker, Peter Whitson Warren, Crispin Webb, Ma Wen, Rod Weston, Clark Whittington, Jokie X. Wilson, Lutz Wohlrab, Karen Wood, Reid Wood, Tamara Wyndham, Bill Wyatt, Isao Yoshii, Miss Yves, David Zack, the Zaj Group, Ivan Zemtsov, Zen Baby, Bernhard Zilling, Sharon Zimmer, Jennifer Zoellner, And scores of other international artists !